О Гильдии


1. Status

The International Quality Professionals Guild (hereinafter the Guild) is a non-commercial public organization, not forming a body corporate and not leading its own economic activity.

2. Guild Objectives

The main objective of the Guild’s activity is the improvement of the level of professional activities in the sphere of quality, carried out in the countries-members of the Guild.

    As other objectives the Guild brings forward the following:
  • reinforcement of the activity, focused on the wide distribution and the acknowledgement of the quality concepts principals and values in the social life;
  • improvement of the interaction between quality professionals, including information exchange and organization of joint projects;
  • development of the theory and summarizing the practical activities on quality;
  • promotion of the opportunities of the quality management methods and tools by all means: publications, conferences, seminars, Internet;
  • increase of the service level, provided by the quality professionals;
  • development and maintenance of the ethics and moral norms, reflected in the Code of Conduct of quality professionals, in quality professionals activities;
  • influencing the quality service market by provision of exemplary services and exposure of unconscientious and incompetent services;
  • striving for closing in the positions of the leading quality specialists, in case of existence of fundamental contradictions – striving for clarifying the essence of the contradictions in the positions for the public, aimed at the decrease of ambiguity and inconsistency in quality service customers’ activities;
  • clarifying for the authority and political representatives the advantages of the management methods based on the quality concepts;
  • broadening of the contacts and interactions with foreign and international quality organizations undertaking the burden of leadership in questions of development, distribution and promotion of quality management concepts, theories and methods.

3. Work Principles of The Guild

  • openness and transparency;
  • high level of quality and service;
  • independence;
  • competence;
  • tolerance, concerning the views of the Guild members and other specialists and organizations in quality sphere, except the cases contradicting the Guild’s Code of Conduct.

4. Guild Management

Superior authority of the Guild is the Guild member meeting, and between them – Council, headed by the Guild’s President.

The president and the members of the council in number of 3 people are elected every year by direct voting of all Guild members, based on the principle of the simple majority vote.

It is not allowed for one person to be elected for the position of the Guild’s President of Board more than two times successively. The President and the Board members of the Guild are allowed to give orders to other Guild members, if they are not contrary to these Provisions. In this case the President and the Board members of the Guild are responsible for the provision of the opportunities for their accomplishment. The Guild members are recommended to find their own resources for the execution of the received orders.

5. Requirements to The Guild Members

  • high professionalism;
  • social activity;
  • devotion to the quality principals and values;
  • public recognition and possession of the authority among colleagues and popularity among customers of quality services;
  • observance of the Guild’s Code of Conduct.

6. Order of Admitting New Members to The Guild

At its general meeting the Guild admits candidate members, who have sent a written statement, in that they wish to become its members.

A candidate shall be introduced by a current Guild member and shall prove his statement concerning the requirements of the #5.

A favourable decision is reached by an open vote at majority of the 2/3 of the given votes. When taking a decision the candidate is evaluated concerning the compliance to the requirements of the #5 of these Provisions.

7. Order of Dismembering from The Guild

Exclusion from the Guild is performed at the general meeting of the Guild on the basis of the written statement of the member, willing to quit the Guild, or solicitation of any Guild member, proving the breach of the requirements of the #5 of these provisions.

8. Guilds Attributes

The Guild members receive a certificate of the Guild members, a badge “Quality professional” and table vase with the same inscription.

9. Participation in The Work of Other Organizations

The Guild does not restrict the right of its members to participate in the activities of any other legal organizations, which do not aim at damaging quality values or the Guild.